Take a look at our 178 Series High Production Sluice and Concentrators


This new model features a hopper that is nearly twice the size of earlier model that can accommodate much higher volumes of material. It also comes with 3/8-inch removable Grizzle classifier screens. We also offer some optional curved screens are with improve degrading of clay and hard packed material and accommodate a rounded shovel. The new recessed spray bar is protected from impact of larger rocks and provides stronger and wider spray for a more complete washing of material. This Power Sluice is 20 inches wide, 8 feet long and capable of processing up to 4 cubic yards per hour. The sluice is equipped with 4 different riffle designs. Mirikal matting protected by a large 1/8th classifier screen, traditional Hungarian riffles, The simple but effective small expanded metal over carpet and some larger expanded metal over carpet. This riffle design is extremely versatile and very forgiving unlike some other machines that use all rubber riffles. In a heavy-duty machine like this when dredging high banking there in a lot of chaos in the sluice and the variety of carpets mats is essential to maintain high production and fine gold recovery. Model 17820 comes complete with a P185H motor; pump FVA25E intake assembly and 50 feet 2 inch Nylobraid hose with couplings to complete the system. We also provide a 5 foot section of the 1.5” pressure hose couplings and clamps to accommodate the sharp bends in the hose.

The 17834DH is one of the smallest high bankers that is capable of being fed by a compact excavator. The highly durable 2-inch grizzly classifier placed on top of the hoppers separates large rocks, removing the need for hand separating. Comes with the same quality 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch classifiers as our other 178 Series power sluices. This newly designed 34-inch sluice is capable of handling an upwards of 4 yards per hour with its variety of riffles tailor made to accommodate all types of gravel and gold, ranging from fine to coarse.


17820CA Concentrator 8 Feet x 20 Inches N/A N/A N/A N/A 110 lbs. 205 lbs.
17834DHCA Concentrator 12 Feet x 34 Inches N/A N/A N/A N/A 220 lbs. 410 lbs.
17820H Complete w/ Engine & Pump 8 Feet x 20 Inches GX200 Honda P180 50 ft. NH2 FVA25E N/A 183 lbs. 287 lbs.
178WK 178 Power Sluice Wheel Kit 8 Feet x 20 Inches       N/A 25 lbs. 50 lbs.
17834DH Complete w/ Engine & Pump 12 Feet x 34 Inches Honda GX390 P500 50 ft. NH2 FVA30 N/A 366 lbs. 574 lbs.
178203H Combination 3” Dredge 8 Feet x 20 Inches GX200 Honda P180 50 ft. NH2 FVA25E 3 Inch
x 20 feet
228 lbs. 338 lbs.